I remember when I still had my salon in Neutral Bay, clients wanted something more than old-fashioned pampering facials. They wanted results!

So one day this lovely young lady from DMK came to my salon asking if she could have a chat with me and that she would like to show me the DMK range of products and treatments.

As I was busy, already having 5 cosmetic lines in the salon I was hesitated.

However, she was very persistent to the point that she even convinced me into having one of their signature treatments known as The Enzyme Treatment.

So there I was on my beauty couch expecting an old-fashioned, relaxing treatment. At least I got to relax and lie down for a while I thought.

First the DMK therapist applied a DMK Deep Pore Cleanser with the fan brush. It felt very fluffy and left my skin feeling very clean and fresh. OK it’s thick, but this doesn’t proof anything I thought.

Then she has applied a jelly-like substance called Quick Peel which was something new to me.
The fruit acid based products introduced by cosmetic companies like MD had a slightly stingy sensation but nothing like this.

At first it felt nice and cool but after a few minutes my skin started to have a funny cold – hot sensation.

I was told that it’s perfectly normal. The sensation was called pseudo heat.
Quick peel contains ingredients such as cassia, vanillyl butyl ether and lactic acid that work to smooth skin texture, brighten skin tone and clarify hyper-pigmentation. Being slightly acidic in pH, when applied to the skin, the treatment microscopically hardened the top-cell material, encouraging it to dislodge from the underlying tissue, while simultaneously assisting to improve the circulation and nutrient supply to the area.

I was given a small fan and after a few minutes I could put it away as the cold-hot sensation was totally gone. Quick Peel was removed and my skin had never felt so smooth and we were only half way through. This was starting to look promising…..

Now I was getting really curious as to what was coming next.

Well…. next I was up for a real treat: Enzyme Mask.

I tried many masks before in my beauty career but never an enzyme mask.

Enzyme Mask- white powder mixed with a mixer suited to my skin condition.
It looked like a pancake dough if I can compare the final consistency.

The mixture of Enzyme Mask was applied with the fan brush right from my lower decollate (usually treatments start from the neck if you are lucky) then the neck and my whole face. It felt really nice and soothing but then …..I was in for a big surprise.

After a while the mask started to set. And then I started to feel as my mask came “alive” on my face or rather my skin came “alive” under the mask.

I have never ever felt anything like this from any mask before ( usually there was no sensation at all ) My skin started to pulse and pull. The harder the mask set the more pulsating and puling sensation I got.

It wasn’t a bad sensation; it was an incredible sensation that “pancake mixture” is so powerful to do this.

It was explained that the pulsating effect I was experiencing was the lymphatic vessels pumping fresh blood and therefore oxygen into the tissue. And the tightening action of the enzyme treatment had the bonus effect of actually exercising the facial muscles.

After 45min it was time to remove the mask.

I could not wait to see my skin on my face in the mirror. And…. hmmm I was not ready for this either, as none of the masks from my 5 cosmetic lines performed like this.

There was another great aspect of this treatment : the ‘Plasmatic Effect’.As the blood vessels and lymph nodes respond to the enzyme treatment, your skin would begin to look quite peculiar.
The enzyme treatment promotes a new rush of fresh oxygenated blood from within the skin due to the dilated capillaries, and you can literally see this take effect on the skin around your neck and face. The capillaries stand out like a road map, proving the effect of the enzyme treatment goes deep enough for total dilation of the peripheral capillaries.

Then it was time for my vitamin and mineral infusion but by the time the DMK therapist finished my treatment the road map of vessels disappeared and I was left with really fantastic skin.

And you know what… I put my first order through to DMK that very same week. Soon after I introduced it to my Lower North Shore clients and it was selling like hot buns. Why? Results!!

Finally there was a cosmetic, or rather paramedical range, which delivered results.

That is why some time later I choose it again; this time for you – my Central Coast friends so you can have benefit of RESULTS as well.

Looking forward to see you.